Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vroom (a belated post about July 4th)

There's no better way to celebrate America than to head over to Hill Country Chicken for a Texas wrap. Fried and decadent, it's filled with chicken and avocado. Normally I don't like the whole coleslaw business but HC ameliorates it with slivered almonds. The whole sandwich is drippy and juicy and Southern-good.

As another all-American accompaniment there's my read of the day, Earl Swift's The Big Roads. What's more American than a giant system of highways? Seriously, can't think of anything. Though as you will know I don't drive or like cars or or or...I find the book an interesting counterpoint to reading along the rails. Plus it can be a fun read--example tidbit: Upon having to retire, Thomas MacDonald, former driving force (har har) behind much of the system of interstate highways, allegedly tells his secretary, "I've just been fired, so we might as well get married." And then of course there's daredevil Carl Fisher, creator of the Indy track and stuntrider of bikes and cars galore.

Fried chicken, entrepreneurship, the thrill of the open road. It's all as American as appl--well, let's say double cherry pie, the perfect end to a perfect Fourth dinner.


  1. Sounds like something I should read!

  2. I do recommend it (halfway through so far). I lent it to Chris (W, of course) before reading it and he liked it.