Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A spot of tea

Today I'll talk about Steve's Ice Cream. I first tried a diminutive "mini" scoop of strawberry ricotta from Steve's at New Amsterdam Market. For an early Sunday morning, that was about as much ice cream as I wanted, and it was creamy and maybe not outstanding, but pretty darn good. So I kept in mind that Steve's was opening a store in midtown, and then, apprised by R.-- that it had opened, determined to set my sights on it.

When I arrived at the 42nd Street shop, most of the flavors were sold out. I decided to go with Tea Time, with black tea and orange, which sounded like the most interesting of the remaining options. I was a bit wary because it has a coconut cream base, and I'd had some dreadful coconutty concoctions in the past. But my fears came to naught, and it was smoky and spicy and orangey and refreshing for a 90-whatever-degree day, particularly when paired with a chocolate-hazelnut Ovenly cookie. Did I mention Steve's is one of those places that sells a whole host of trendy Brooklyn-local items?

All in all, a great success, especially since I dropped in between work and work-softball, and at the softball game I had my first run of the season. I'll have to go to Steve's to pregame again soon.

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