Friday, July 8, 2011

Just peachy

You may know (particularly if you are A.--) how much I love Robicelli's cupcakes, which change on a weekly and seasonal basis and are purely delicious. They're sold at a variety of fancyfood shops around Brooklyn and Manhattan and yesterday, since I was heading for Battery Park to see a concert (the strange charismatic Shara Worden with my-favorite yMusic), I thought I'd check out Battery Place Market...

Where I wrongly accused the guy behind the counter of giving me the wrong cupcake, only to find out that he had given me an extra! The tastes of peach cobbler and peach bellini nicely bookended the concert, even if I missed the Goldilocks moment of cupcake eating--the one I ate immediately's buttercream was a bit chilly, and the latter's, melted. Still and all, what better taste to accompany a temperate summer night looking out across the harbor?

1 comment:

  1. Hey Nora,
    We forgive you and come back any time and tell your friends. Next time try some of our other specialties. Glad you enjoyed the concert too!