Friday, July 1, 2011

Say cheese

An out-of work-early Friday is a good time to make your way out to Astoria and hipster-new Queens Kickshaw. Last, and first, time I came here I took my parents and had the curious gouda sandwich complete with guava and black bean—pretty good!—as well as a iced matcha tea. Now they’re apparently equipped with a full beer-and-cider menu, and open ’til 1 AM, so I am looking forward to coming back for that.

Today is simpler though—just a blueberry shrub for me. I hadn’t heard of shrubs before but apparently they are a sort of sparkling juice drink with vinegar. Pale pink and refreshing, it’s just the thing to accompany you at a copper table at the back of a countertopped wooden room while you reread the next installment in your old favorite Bad Girls. Oh, the drama of middle school. Much better to witness it from this cozy corner.