Thursday, September 30, 2010

Red traveling socks

Though I've only visited once, I sometimes find myself strangely homesick for San Francisco and Berkeley. This sparked one of those moments. I wish I could see John Adams, inspirer of this blog, on his home turf. (Though goodness knows I've seen him on visitors' turf far more times than the average bear.) I'm really looking forward to seeing my favorite Harmonielehre in November.

In other John Adams "news," the other day as I walked down the street in Brooklyn Heights I overheard a discussion about John Adams impersonators. It took me a minute to realize they meant the other one.

In other traveling news, tomorrow I go off to Boston for the weekend, where I hope to see many wonderful friends including some readers of this blog. If anyone has activity suggestions, please let me know, as my generous host has informed me she has 800 pages of reading this weekend, and so I imagine I will be spending at least a little time on my own. Ah, grad school, sometimes I think about you and sometimes I unthink about you again. I suppose we can always have a work party; I have plenty of freelancery to do. Then again, I am the proud possessor of my own Charlie card (thanks, M.--!), so I expect to do some wandering...

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