Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Long ride in a slow machine

Lately I've been lazy. It's been a while, last Thursday excepted, since I undertook a giant walk; my running career basically stalled once the temperature hit 80. Even the prospect of taking the godforsaken stairs up to my office (one small piece of exercise I'm serious about) is difficult to stomach when I blearily stumble into the building in the morning.

This bothers me, so I have tried to come up with a cure for my lack of motivation. And I think I've finally it. The catch-22-ish trick is: When you want to feel energized, use more energy!

This morning I got myself out of bed when I woke up at 7, instead of fitfully half-sleeping away the next hour or so (and believe me, this wasn't easy). I then took the magic B103 bus which runs hyperexpress from Coney Island Ave. onto the Prospect Expressway and ultimately into downtown Brooklyn. Though the bus was a bit stop-and-start on this ride, it still didn't take toooo long to arrive at Tillary Street. Where I dropped my library books in the slot at the Brooklyn Heights branch (I wish my corner library had one of those) then made a pit stop at Tazza for some iced coffee. And then...over the Brooklyn Bridge to work!

Again with the exception of last Thursday, it has been far too long since I walked across the bridge. The middle of which is now full of construction barriers far too tall for piddling little me to peer over, but never mind that. Watching the morning come into being around me, the fog slowly lifting off New York Harbor, the biking and striding purposeful commuters, all set to the soundtrack of Hallelujah Junction, is really the way to welcome in the morning. Then, Short Ride in a Fast Machine in ipod tow, I descended into the frizz and fray of downtown Manhattan and damned if those stairs weren't trifling after all.

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