Friday, July 16, 2010


We interrupt this blog with a quick question:

If someone says to you, "Can we move that back a day?" do you take that to mean the day before or the day after the original date?


  1. Thanks, anons. I want a few more replies before I give my answer; if I haven't got any by, oh, say, Monday, I will explain my situation. (It's not exciting or anything but I figure you deserve an explanation if you want one since you've weighed in.)

  2. in case you dont see my response on googlereader:
    oh, semantics. i'd interpret it as a day after the original date... otherwise, i might say, can we bump it up a day? but i could be wrong...

  3. I'd lean towards "after" but I would have to immediately ask for clarification if someone said that to me because I could see it meaning either.