Monday, July 5, 2010


Writing this post as an ode to small favors. Today I finally felt well enough to leave the house and do some of my proofreading at dear Vox Pop. Never felt so good to be out and about, sitting at a table, munching away at a bagel and sipping a pomegranate lemonade. No matter that the book I'm proofreading is not very interesting, or that it is about 90 degrees out; it was so great to just be outside in the world again. What with all my walking and wandering, a week and a half spent exclusively inside is not something I take lightly.

And so even if being sick is not good for much else, it does make you feel grateful for the things in life you might otherwise take for granted. And so I will try to remember to be happy each time I go outside to do small things, or eat a meal, or manage to read 5 pages for fun without getting a headache. To say nothing of each time I sleep through the night, absent sharp pains in my legs! Like I said, being sick is not good for much.

How about you, dear readers? Are there any small things in life for which you feel grateful (even if this is not the correct holiday for that)? Did y'all spend your 4ths of July in a more satisfying manner than I?

I hope that my weeks to come will be more satisfying than this past one. (And various plans are in the works to ensure they will be.) Perhaps I will even make it back to work!


  1. Glad you're feeling better!

    A friend got a paper accepted to a big conference, so I got her a bottle of champagne. I hoped there would be other people to help us drink it. There weren't, everyone was away. So we sat outside my apartment building and drank the whole thing ourselves in an obscenely short amount of time, and followed it up with a whole lot of beer. Then we grilled some hot dogs. And despite the alcohol we did not set anything on fire. It was nice.

  2. That sounds quite festive, even if not setting anything on fire is not quite in keeping with the spirit of July 4...

  3. I am grateful to have found a new place to live for me and A.--give me some time to move in and be settled and I will be grateful if you come and pay a visit!
    My Fourth was great but there were no hot dogs which is too bad, because the Fourth is often the only time I feel like eating one.