Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I would walk 500 miles

Yesterday for the first time in far too long I took myself on a giant walk across my borough. I will state up front that any health benefit this walk might have had was neutralized before it even began: I started off in Cobble Hill because I wanted to swing by two eating establishments I'd been curious about. The first, Fultummy's, has sandwiches and, intriguingly, iced yuzu tea. I got a tea to go and found it was tasty--the yuzu sat on the bottom a bit like marmalade, and the overall taste was citrusy and refreshing. The proprietor also generously offered me two free samples--a green tea latte with jelly (especially delicious) and a corresponding coffee drink. Then I strolled up a few blocks to satisfy my curiosity about the newly-opened Brooklyn Farmacy, where I found that I could not pass up the opportunitiy for a blueberry milkshake (though I did not finish the whole thing, not being very efficient at ice cream even when my stomach is wide open empty. One of the staff, on break on a bench just outside the store, said to me, "Wow, that's a large shake." Indeed.).

Giant frozen confection in hand, I would've felt too decadent plopping down on the subway, plus my dinner plans were set for some indeterminate time in the future. So I took it upon myself to walk my way up to Windsor Terrace, with the company of Gnarly Buttons, Different Trains, and some Belle and Sebastian (who are having a concert late September--interested, anyone?). The weather was hot and oppressive, though not as bad as it has been. It looked like it might rain, but graciously held off. As always, I admired the Gowanus and South Slope paneled houses that put me in mind of saloons and Main Street at high noon. I encountered the most astonishing plant life, exploding all over front stoops--in particular, an enormous green-leaved wonder in a plastic pot in a larger size than I knew existed. And I finally, leisurely wove my way up to Prospect Park, where I sat 'til the bugs threatened to eat me alive. Fireflies and a good read (which I will no doubt tell you all about once I've finished it up) and the satisfying, contented tiredness that comes from a walk well walked. A perfect summer evening.

And so I find myself very pleased that I am once more the sort of person who will walk around for hours in adverse weather and like it. Perhaps I'll get back into running as well--I've done a bit of that the past couple of days too, with the aches to show for it...

PS: If my walk is not grand enough for you, check out Tom Graham. I am extremely tempted to do this sort of thing, only I feel a reluctance to use up all the streets. Still, I suppose by the time I got to the end, the beginning would probably be new again...

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