Thursday, August 4, 2011

The world is alive with the taste of...Elvis?

I'm not a big fan of the music of the King like my dad. But I have enjoyed the proliferation of Elvis flavors at sweet spots boroughwide. This week I in fact partook of two Elvissy treats, in the form of cupcake and ice cream. The first, from perennial favorite Robicellis, is a banana cupcake with peanut butter icing and little bits of bacon on top. Robicellis' peanut butter icing is divine, melting and delicious--probably my favorite flavor, despite the fact that I don't usually like peanut butter baked goods. The banana cake is good, too, dense and muffinlike, more complex than mere vanilla or chocolate. The bacon is just a hint, and mixes well with the more sweet components--whoever said bacon is the candy of meats is right on the money.

More distinctive, if slightly less sublime in my opinion, is Ample Hills' Elvis ice cream. At a Sufjan Stevens concert in Prospect Park, between waving my venue-offered glowstick around and watching the bewinged, beneoned Mr. Stevens and his array of musician, dancer, and blow-up-balloon friends, I made my way over to the AH ice cream cart. I had been to their store twice before (the first for strangely bitter salted caramel ice cream; the second to discover with dismay that they were sold clean out) and was pleased to see the cart in the park alongside hometown favorite The Farm on Adderley's savory options. The Elvis ice cream is intense--the richness of peanut butter followed instantaneously by the creamy banana with (perhaps too large) a heap of bacon bits layered in for crunch.

I don't know about ghosts and Graceland but I'm pretty sure the spirit of Elvis is alive and well in Brooklyn.


  1. Sufjan Stevens! I am mightily jealous.

  2. He was the most vividly dressed performer I have ever seen!