Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Usually I don't think much about marshmallows. I can't even remember the last time I had one in hot chocolate. (I prefer the excessively-cream-filled Italian version at Max Brenner, and the marshmallow at City Bakery costs $1 extra or something like that and is a bit overly rich anyway. Have I mentioned that when I got a hot chocolate there, I didn't want to eat anything else for the next 24 hours?) But yesterday I had a banana fluffernut from Kitty Lee Thomas Sweets, via Robicellis' store in the oh-so-conveniently-located Dekalb Market, and I was forced to reconceptualize my view of the dessert I'd previously disdained.

I was definitely skeptical about paying $2 for a marshmallow, but I've had peanut butter on the brain lately for some reason (as you may've noticed in the Elvis sequence of posts), and it looked so enticing there in the case, next to its larger cupcake brethren, all covered in banana flakes and chocolate. And $2 is costly for a marshmallow but would not exactly break the bank if I only did it once...

And what a marshmallow it was! It was great in stature and took just as much time to eat and appreciate as a cupcake, if not even more, no doubt eliciting grumpy looks from my fellow train waiters. The combination of the crunchy peanut buttery outside and the squishy marshmallow interior was a refreshing blend of textures. The banana chips especially enhanced the overall experience. This isn't something you'd toss into a hot chocolate as an afterthought; it's a dessert in its own right, like a tiny cake, maybe one of the round ones from Black Hound Bakery that I enjoyed so much in high school. I'm sure I don't need to be adding any more sweets to my diet (there's not enough time and stomach space as it is) but it sure is tempting to walk myself across the Brooklyn Bridge and get another...


  1. try making your own marshmallows! it's easy (if you have an electric mixer) and they are really tasty.

  2. OOOooh, tell me more about this Dekalb Market.

    Also, I had (ok, I was stealing bites from A.) a doubledecker grilled pb and raspberry jelly and banana sandwich the other day and I thought of you. And now I'm in Cambridge and I'm thinking of you each time I pass Burdick's Fine Chocolates, which also seems like a you thing.

  3. We should go. There are cupcakes and all sorts of foods. A certain other former roommate of mine is a biiiig fan of Burdick's and takes met here each time I visit. They have one in Manhattan now, too... The sandwich sounds tasty!

  4. Haha, yes, I was aware of her fascination with the place!
    And yes, I'm back next week and haven't seen you in forever, so maybe we can have a little snack expedition.