Friday, August 5, 2011

Triple play

And let's not forget the third Elvis, from Stellina--a gelato joint just close enough to make a round trip on lunch break. This Elvis isn't as banana-bacony; instead, it's a honey-based gelato with peanut brittle. Probably the most refreshing of the bunch. Doesn't go half bad with the chunky Stellina (raspberry ice cream, raspberry jam, and white-chocolate-covered waffle cone pieces) either.


  1. hey i just read mezh 4 mezh. holy shit! those motherfuckers are NOT TRUSTWORTHY. "who would believe you, isabella?" i want some ice cream too. i got some by accident today.

  2. ps will this ever be called "foods foods foods" cuz i'd be ok with that. maybe only for a day? abril fuels?

  3. Yeah, they're pretty much the worst in Shakespeare.

    Also, that would be awesome; I will see if I can change it...