Saturday, October 22, 2011

All things will unwind

A last minute change of plans...and a perfect fall day for a walk. Check it out!

Ooookay, I didn't walk from Crown and New York to Fulton and Nostrand the first time 'round, but I did walk everyplace else. Shara Worden is a good walking companion; I like All Things Will Unwind and it's suitably autumnal, but I'm not intimidated to play it the way I am when faced with Gabriel Kahane's Where Are the Arms, the way I vaguely feel about all music I love. Last night at a party someone told me they listened to High Violet while writing papers. Yikes! I can put on a trouper like All Things as a sort of graceful background hum, but The National requires some attention.

On my walk, I had some food woes but whoever invented the almond chocolate croissant is a genius. The cafe with the five different flavors of apple cider is promising, too. It is good to walk down Eastern Parkway to the library in the fall with a warm cider in your hand and a song in your ears.


  1. Oooh, where's the apple cider cafe? That sounds like just what I need right now.

    I am thrilled by the oblique reference to something I was also at. Anonymous fame on your blog!

  2. You're the famousest! THe apple cider place is The Pulp & the Bean, Franklin just north of Eastern Parkway.