Monday, July 8, 2013

bramble ramble

If you're feeling burned out and overheated, it can't hurt to take the train for an out-of-city journey's worth of reading, all the way up to the Cloisters.  You can pick up fancy coffee and a decadent 3-cheese cachapa on the way.  When you arrive, there's your old favorite, the unicorn tapestries, with a special exhibit all their own.  And you can take a look at plants used in medieval brewing, if you are willing to brave the sun again, or look at tiny ornate books or hours, or take pictures of the light as it catches in hobbit-sized doors.  Fort Tryon Park's hills are as steep as anything in the city; if you wander down the right tiny path you can find scores upon scores of raspberry bushes and eagerly pluck the ripened fruit, the likes of which you haven't seen in the wild since you were a child.


  1. One of these days, I want to take Metro North to the Appalachian Trail or Breakneck Ridge for a day of hiking. Because I can.