Friday, January 13, 2012

Brown paper packages tied up with string...

Though it's been nearly a year since I quit the hard stuff (read: caffeine), sometimes the thought of a latte is enough to get me out of bed. And so I reluctantly shoved off the covers in the early morning dark, thinking, You'll be glad later, and hopped on a B68 to Park Slope to try new cafe De Luxe. And it is in fact the perfect morning destination: delicious latte (decaf for noobs like me) and teeny-tiny butter and jam breakfast baguette in a neat paper-and-string package. There were two choices of jam today, mixed berry and apple; the very welcoming fellow behind the counter complimented my choice of apple. Sitting here before the workday begins, munching away on the perfect combination of sweet and creamy and crunchy sandwich, I too am glad of my decision.

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