Wednesday, September 7, 2011


While a friend's friend once apparently called me "bubbly," that's hardly an adjective I'd use to describe myself. But there is certainly a place for bubbles, and that place is bubble tea. I've sampled many over the years, mostly in Chinatown, and just wanted to bring to your attention a nice new place I've been to a few times called Bubbly Tea. While I've not yet tried the eponymous effervescent beverage, I have tasted a few others, including a pretty good strawberry iced tea with actual strawberry pieces and, today, an Oreo milk tea. I got it since I was craving an Oreo drink (somehow the cookies are so much better blended than on their own) and, after my previous experience with a taro milk, was pretty sure it'd taste like straight up cookies and milk.

To my pleasant surprise, it tastes not only of Oreos but also distinctly of black tea. Perfect thing to comfort and revitalize in the midst of this cranky weather we've been having.

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