Thursday, March 24, 2011

A lot of tripartite sentences

I'm sorry not to be the digital correspondent I once was. It doesn't mean I've vanished off the face of the earth; instead, I think I'm spending more time reading and less time writing. There is a lot to read—and think—about. Lately this includes transportation issues, trainy and bicycular; various work-related concerns; a whole boatload of library books I want to read before their due dates (I recommend Teju Cole's Open City for an interesting, if not particularly fast-paced, read, at least for the 160 pages I have encountered so far; ditto for Andre Aciman's Call Me By Your Name; for a bit of a breather, there's always wacky Jasper Fforde and Thursday Next), and am I ever going to catch up with that backlog of restaurants I want to try. It's hard to tell whether to cram in some more proofreading, catch another chapter or two of Open City, or trawl Metafilter for some more answers I didn't know I needed. Or maybe just turn in for the night so I can wake up sufficiently early to get some muesli from Peels or a honey espresso drink at Jack. Sometimes, at moments like these, I think, as I rarely do otherwise, of something I was told in philosophy class. So many parts of life are constantly in flux (am I ever going to get back out on my bike? have I quit caffeine for real after those pounding headaches? will I ever stay up past midnight on a weeknight again?). Oh well. At least I can say that books, food, and trains provide some consistency.

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