Monday, December 27, 2010

Snowed out

Last night I stayed over at K.--'s house, sensing that I might not be able to get to work from my own. The wind blew so hard that I kept waking up to hear it rattling the windows; in fact, snow came inside at one point. Brrr. I sort of wished I'd stayed in my sometimes overly warm home, only it's probably buried under a foot of snow right now. I am not looking forward to digging my way through to the side entrance of the house, and rumor has it that service on all the nearby subway lines (which run aboveground, usually a positive thing) is suspended.

Living in the city, you often forget what a force nature is, until you watch the snow fall down at night and wake up in the morning surrounded. Snowplows were out in some places but I had to wade through knee-high drifts at times, and only the side entrance to the office has been shoveled. It's sort of nice to be here on such a skeleton-crew quiet day; it's unclear whether the courts are even open, for starters. It's fun to see who comes in, a sort of Twelve Day of Christmas style count-up. We are currently up to four, with one more on the way. I am grateful to E.-- for her gift of Starbucks Via; I was so frozen on the way in that even making coffee in a French press felt beyond me.

Well, I'm all awake now, and still a bit dazzled by all the snow. I hope I will be able to leave in time to enjoy the beauty of my neighborhood in it.

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