Friday, May 28, 2010

Leftovers is what I want, don't need no fine cuisine

Sometimes there's nothing more delicious than...the same thing you ate yesterday, reheated. One day's plunder is another day's provisions. Oh, leftovers, how I love thee.

Do you ever find yourself with too much food on your plate at dinner, even if it's delicious? Well, I am here to tell you that somehow it tastes even better as a pick-me-up during the workday! I like to think I compensate for my decadence-verging habit of eating out so frequently by making those eats last for two or sometimes even three meals. It's a good week if each day's dinner rolls smoothly into the next day's lunch.

Of course, there are snags you can hit. What to do when you eat your whole dinner in one sitting, horror of horrors. Or when, perplexingly, you accumulate an ever-expanding roster of leftovers that you are unable to keep up with. Maybe your generous family dines with you and gives you all their leftovers to add to your stockpile. Maybe you made enough pasta to keep you in starch forever. Maybe a friend drops in unexpectedly for lunch, or your sister takes a break from jury duty selection to meet you for soup dumplings. What, then, hypothetically speaking, of course, is to be done with Tuesday's tasty carton of mee goreng, languishing in the fridge? You must dig your way out from underneath your hoarding of culinary treasures, which can take some time. Perhaps you won't even make it until Friday. Speaking of which, it's just about lunchtime...

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  1. whimsical wonderful writerly you! what a lovely post. wish i could be a source of extra leftovers in your life... :)