Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nouns nouns nouns

Normally would not post twice in one day but since I have been a bit absent of late, I shall now overcompensate because: A travesty is being perpetrated upon Scrabble! Behold (with excellent commentary by grumpy ol' 'ninja).

Back in my day we did not go in for any of this proper-noun nonsense. We made our weird little two letter words for Iranian currency or abbreviated pizza or whatever and we liked it. Man, Scrabble. A longer post on that dear game is forthcoming, to be sure.


  1. This news (in addition to giving me yet *another* reason to mutter at kids these days to get offa my lawn) fills me with incoherent, sputtering rage. SDIJFGHAWEROHGGGH.

    Oh wait I bet "sdijfghawerohgggh" is going to be an acceptable word now. Everything is ruined!

    To be fair the abbreviated pizza is actually a fairly recent development, though. In *my* day we didn't even have that! All we had was lava and Danish weather patterns.

  2. Yeah, my day wasn't *that* long ago. Still longer ago than Proper Nouns, however.

    Also, I don't think "sdijfghawerohgggh" is going to fit on even this newfangled Scrabble board. But we can never be sure what they'll come up with next!

  3. There's always Super Scrabble. I'm sure Sdijfghawerohgggh will fit on *that* board.