Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Operations suspended for the week, ladies and gents. The excrement, as my eleventh-grade history teacher once said (to the laughter of no one but me), has hit the ventilation. Today at work feels like a midterm, as I have had to execute every single type of task that I have ever worked on (plus a couple of new ones for good measure). It's not even three yet. Speaking of three, I am proofreading THREE BOOKS right now. That's right. See ya on the flipside.


  1. The FJ title I was trying to think of was "Signatures of the Visible." But he also has a book called "Valences of the Dialectic," which might be worse. "[Buzzword] of the [Buzzword."

    Hope things get better!

  2. Wish you luck. I'm available for sanity-venting.